Julietta, a system solution by ALUMINCO, is the contemporary look of a “no balcony” barrier, delivering minimalist structures of maximum strength.

The modern buildings use of full height windows and doors in the creation of a larger “virtual space” in a small environment. This creates an extension of the outside visibility and enlarges the viewpoint from the inside. In “no balcony” situations, Julietta is the greatest solution with contemporary style.

Working as a guarding or barrier placed on the outside of full height windows and doors, Julietta mainly offers an ultra-reassuring feeling, when mounted on the first floor or higher floors, that do not lead to a “walk on” balcony.

Today architects design large openings for doors and windows, giving thus the feeling of more open and virtual larger spaces in buildings and crowded cities. In buildings were there are no balconies, Julietta is the ideal solution, as it can be installed between window frames as well as on the exterior side of walls. Not having a real balcony does not stop having a spectacular view and connection with the outside environment anymore!

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum safety – minimal design
  • Brings more light and uninterrupted view
  • Available for three different glass thickness dimensions
  • Suitable to be fixed on aluminium frames
  • Multiple infill options
  • Optional use of handrail
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Available in 2-KIT and 5 different shades, Julietta is quite a promise



Julietta creates a balcony where there is none!

Modern and contemporary glass Juliet balcony offering safety and protection and sense of openness in upper floor spaces.



  • Glass infill
  • Combinations with Psatha
  • Combinations with Xpand