Curtain walls are constructions of high architectural interest mainly used in commercial buildings covering small or large surfaces.

For this product category, Aluminco offers an integrated system where the very good thermal insulation, sound insulation and mechanical properties have secured the implementation of important and complex projects worldwide.

The properties of the system characterize its uniqueness while offering excellent aesthetics and functionality since it is designed based on the highest architectural and engineering requirements.

The certified curtain wall system EW 50 includes a wide range of solutions and works perfectly with all shading systems.

Features and Benefits

The EW50 system is divided into three main types:

  • Standard The timeless classic curtain wall solution of ALUMINCO for robust and modern design with visible grids and multiple solutions to decorative covers.
  • Structural The ultimate solution for facades of buildings cover, which hides the active participation of aluminum from its exterior.
  • Linear The harmonious combination of Standard & Structural types creates a linear effect on aesthetic architectural applications.


More Features:

  • High degree of functionality
  • Combination with doors and windows of the D75 / D90, W450 / W4750.



  • EN 12207 Air Permeability:
  • EN 12208 Water Tightness:
  • EN 12179 Resistance to Wind Load: Design load:
±2000 Pa (203 Kg/m2), Increased load: ±3000Pa  (304 Kg/m2)



Standard and Structural:

    • Fixed
    • Fixed with Top-hung windows
    • Fixed with parallel projected windows
    • Fixed with inward opening windows
    • Fixed with tilt and turn opening windows
    • Fixed with entrance door
    • Corner inside/outside



    • Fixed
    • Corner inside/outside