Aluminco’s system D90, ensures the very best thermal insulation values when it comes to entrance doors along with the highest performance demands and exceptional architectural design. The system incorporates the best and most solid profiles of perfect flat design, with multi-infill options including glazing or aluminum panels, in order to fulfil the most demanding specifications.

Enhanced security features and functions are an additional impressive element of the D90 system that meet current trends and increasing requirements in terms of safety and ease of use. The system’s exceptional properties ensure optimum sealing against wind, rain and minimum air infiltration.

The D90 system is fully compatible with the ALUMINCO W4900 hinged windows series, offering the best-performance solution for residential and commercial buildings, ideal not only for new constructions but also for refurbishments.

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding thermal insulation coefficient Ud=0.79 W/m²K
  • Dual layer polyamides, 18 mm for increased performance and minimization of the bimetallic effect.
  • Optional insulation zone with foam filling ensures the highest level of thermal insulation.
  • 3 sealing levels with EPDM gaskets and a special EPDM foam gasket provide optimum water tightness.
  • Top security features achieved by the 3-point security locks and door hinges that can be either concealed or surface- mounted.
  • Continuous low threshold of 13 mm height increases stability, enhances water tightness and minimizes energy loss.
  • Aluminum panels or glazing infills provide multiple design options.



  • EN 1627 Burglar Resistance
RC 2
  • EN 10077-2 Thermal Insulation (Uf)
from 1.5 W/m²K



    • Doors

1 Sash – 2 Sashes – 2 Sashes with fixed

    • Combinations

1 Sash with W4900 opening skylight – 2 Sash with W4900 opening skylight,