W540 is the upgrading of the AL510 series. New profiles and configurations make W540 a complete system with very good features.

Particularly emphasizing on design, resistance, and functionality, the system has been principally designed to facilitate the construction procedure and reduce the installation time. W540 can be realized with all types of inward and outward opening windows and doors, with an extensive choice of different mechanisms.

These characteristics place W540 among the most flexible, affordable non-insulated systems of the market. The numerous combinations of elements and the perfect match with the sliding frames of the SL230 system, make W540 extremely suitable for all types of building concepts.

characteristics Tilt & Turn System</br>Affordable quality and compatibility

Features and Benefits

  • Robust and durable system of elevated functionality
  • Numerous aesthetic options from profiles in straight and curved cross
  • sections
  • Exceptional water tightness characteristics
  • Possibility to be combined with the sliding frames of the SL230 system



  • EN 12207 Air Permeability
  • EN 12208 Water Tightness
E750 / CLASS 8A
  • EN 12210 Resistance to Wind Load
  • EN 1627 Burglar Resistance



    • Casement windows

1Leaf – 2Leaf – 3Leaf – 4Leaf

    • Casement-awning windows

1Leaf – 2Leaf

    • Shutters

1Leaf – 2Leaf – 3Leaf – 4Leaf

    • Doors

1Leaf – 2Leaf – Tilt & Slide (VW)

    • Angular structure

35°-175° with Ø60

    • Fixed-picture windows
    • Combinations

2Leaf sliding with insect screen SL230 with opening W540