Traditional or Modern


Pergolas systems, in modern and traditional design, ensure absolute shading regulation and protection from solar radiation while offering unique aesthetic and energy upgrade.

In perfect harmony with the natural environment, Aluminco’s Pergolas know no limits and make a stylish addition to every open space. Excellent for private houses, hotel units, restaurants and cafes for all seasons.

characteristics Traditional or Modern

Features and Benefits

  • The pergola system was conceived to respond to the need of outdoor lifestyle.
  • Easy to assemble and install, the pergola can resemble the original classic, wooden one or with the use of polycarbonate sheets as cover, it becomes an ornament to a modern home.
  • Pergola is available in a variety of RAL, RAFAELLO and MAT finish colours as well as wood imitation shades, and it is above all, certified by seaside class standards for maximum protection and with no need of maintenance.



  • Traditional: Standard, With canvas roofing, With polycarbonate sheets
  • Modern: Standard, With canvas roofing, With polycarbonate sheets, With movable louvers, With fixed louvers