Contemporary Wall Cladding Solutions


Modern architecture goes far beyond maximum energy efficiency, as it also seeks solutions with style and aesthetics. ALUMINCO in harmony with new trends offers unique systems that make a difference at all levels.

WALL & DECO is ALUMINCO’s proposal for particularly modern wall cladding constructions. It is a lightweight system, which provides coverage of large surfaces, applied both to the exterior and interior of buildings, enhancing the overall aesthetics and upgrading the energy levels.

Designed in minimal line and in numerous decorative variants, WDs provide a high degree of freedom in the design process of a space, applying perfectly well in commercial buildings, offices as well as modern residences with a unique style.

WD designs can be enhanced by LED lighting strips, which are perfectly integrated in the aluminium profiles, introducing more dynamism with sharper, more structural lines. The light signature is developing for an even more expressive look. Placed in sections or along the aluminium bars, the lighting options create a trendsetting scenery which reinterprets the meaning of luxury to exciting effect.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet the new Architectural trend.
  • Provides a variety of designs in typologies, applications, colors, textures.
  • Provides the ability to install LED lighting strips, allowing for endless creative customization.
  • Can be fabricated easily, fast assembly, and accurate installation in masonry.
  • The positioning of the profiles in each typology is achieved with hidden connections (eg hidden installation screws, invisible support base).
  • Allows complex technical applications, i.e. combinations with curtain walls, windows, entrance doors, etc.
  • Can be applied to walls, ceilings, doors, interior partitions, garage doors, and entrance doors.
  • Suitable for large surfaces of commercial buildings, offices, and modern residences.
  • Corrosion resistance, thanks to the durability of aluminum and its surface treatments.


ISO 10140-2 Sound Reduction Rw 40 dB


  • Horizontal/vertical fixing typologies
  • Combination between profiles
  • Combinations with fixed/integrated led lighting