W450 is a complete high-performance thermal insulation system meeting the needs for contemporary energy efficiency, sound reduction, aesthetics and safety.

This line’s wide range of profiles offer numerous innovative solutions, from flat to curved sections, as well as the ability to apply complex typologies such as “aller-retour” doors, rotating windows and opening frames with hidden sash in order to achieve a high-level aesthetics. The available profiles collaborate perfectly with high-quality components and mechanisms which underline the system’s multifaceted and ergonomic nature.

The system’s non-negotiable priority for maximum energy savings and high safety is ensured due to the possibility of perimeter locking and the use of 24 mm reinforced polyamides offering a Thermal insulation Index Uf=2.2-2.6 W/m²K and a Sound Reduction Index Rw of 43 dB.

Reference point is the use of the least possible visible aluminum, the W450 hidden sash edition which offers a simple and elegant aesthetic effect along with the safety and functionality ensured by the perimeter mechanism. Its contemporary architectural design is reflected not only in its modern appearance but also in its minimum 72 mm face height that maximizes the field of vision and at the same time allows the maximum possible flow of natural light inside the building. The use of 31.8 mm glass reinforced polyamides ensures a high thermal insulation of Uf from 1.6 W/m²K, while specially designed EPDM gaskets and advanced perimeter mechanism ensure absolute water tightness and wind resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • High thermal insulation
  • Exceptional water tightness and sound insulation
  • Superior safety due to the multiple perimetric locking
  • Hidden sash with a 72 mm frame height and 76.6 mm frame width
  • Option of using the CAMERA EUROPEA & CAMERA ALU16 mechanisms (stainless steel locking mechanism on perimetric system).
  • Vast selection of profiles in straight and curved cross sections
  • Μulti-chamber central gasket that ensures optimum impermeability preventing energy loss.
  • Ability to manufacture with 45° cut-outs, but also snap-fit ones for excellent aesthetic effect inside the frame
  • “Curtain” gaskets that deliver extra thermal insulation




  • EN 12207 Air Permeability
  • EN 12208 Water Tightness
  • EN 12210 Resistance to Wind Load
  • EN 1627 Burglar Resistance
  • EN 140-3 Sound Reduction
43 dB
  • EN 10077-2 Thermal Insulation (Uf)
2.2-2.6 W/m²K
  • EN 10077-2 Thermal Insulation (Uf)
1.6-2.8 W/m²K (hidden sash)



    • Casement windows

1Leaf – 2Leaf – 3Leaf – 4Leaf – Pivot

    • Casement-awning windows

1Leaf – 2Leaf

    • Shutters

1Leaf – 2Leaf – 3Leaf – 4Leaf

    • Doors

1Leaf – 2Leaf – Aller Retour – Tilt & Slide (VW)

    • Angular structure


    • Fixed-picture windows
    • Combinations

2Leaf sliding SL200 & SL2450 with opening W450, 2Leaf sliding

      • Insect screen SL200 with opening W450