Modern people’s need for more transparency, brightness and aesthetics are best met by ALUMINCO’s proposal in the glass balustrades category.

Crystalline® glass balustrades create an almost invisible barrier between the viewer and the view. There is no limitation of lengths or sizes and requires no posts or handrails at all. The safety of our products is constantly tested at our own laboratory as well as through leading international laboratories.

We offer more than 16 different solutions for glass balustrades to select from, suitable for all types of installation. Available in anodized finishes as well as powder coated, with the option of top handrail.

More than 200 projects around the world have chosen to implement Crystalline® glass balustrades in their buildings, and the list is growing. The most stringent safety requirements for strength and quality are met and guaranteed as Crystalline® has received multiple certifications for its performance.

Features and Benefits

  • 16 glass balustrade systems stand out for its unique design, functionality, and safety, offering innovations that have been designed to meet current real-world needs.
  • Highly aesthetic solutions with maximum stability
  • Uninterrupted view
  • Exceptional resistance and increased level of security with certified



Safety and protection are fundamental priorities during the design and development process of Crystal line railings. Plenty of certifications from internationally recognized institutions ensure maximum user safety.

Among these are:

  • CSTB (France)
  • Intertek (USA)
  • FTL (Florida, USA)
  • IFT Rosenheim (Germany)
  • BBRI (Belgium)
  • Instituto Giordano (Italy)

Whether your project is an average residence or a commercial place, an airport or office or sports stadium, Crystal line systems are able to adapt and deliver the perfect solution.


  • Top mount
  • Side mount
  • In-floor