The support system for photovoltaic panels on an industrial roof, consists of an aluminum guide on which the photovoltaic panels are placed, and the support of the guide is done by a specially designed self-drilling screw, or with a special screw, depending on the type of support foot, and the demarcation of the PV Panel (Landscape / Portrait). The guide is shaped so that to hold the photovoltaic panel until its final installation with the screw. The PV Panels are normally held with Zeta-Type end clamps, and with Omega-Type intermediate clamps.

The system’s intelligent design rule was adapted to also meet the requirements of pitched ceiling applications. The arrangement of the panels can be horizontal (Landscape), or vertical (Portrait).

The installation of the system is done using special Fast-Lock type aluminum profiles that ensure the photovoltaic panels a sufficient distance, from the surface of the panel, in order to be ventilated properly. However, and due to an older conventional way, we can use double-array purlins to place the PV Panels on the Industrial Roof, without the use of Fast-Lock special parts.

Features and Benefits

  • Possibility of placing and removing any panel regardless of position on the array.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Placement in Portrait or Landscape layout.
  • Ideal for modern homes, hotels and shopping malls, public buildings and outdoor spaces.