Outstanding flowing design made of glass and aluminum


The Open Air system is a world-class technological breakthrough concept providing endless options for the most demanding design or construction.

Combining innovative technologies with special design lines, the Open Air models PLUS, ULTRA PLUS, FIXED, GLASS WALL, E-MOTION constitute the ultimate solution for professional sites and outdoor spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and more.

A unique innovation, patented in Greece, Europe and available exclusively from Aluminco, where the moving part of the system is raised or lowered with a single motion and effortlessly according to our wishes and weather conditions.

Open air system is available in 3 standard types OA 1600, OA 1800, OA 2000 based on height parameter and each type is available in 5 different lengths 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm and 2000 mm. All types of the Open air system can be delivered in two standard corners of 90° angle, internal and external.

Unique optional solutions such as trolley base, sealing support and additional profiles add value to the Open air experience, whilst offering complete customer satisfaction down to the last detail.

Each Open Air model is the aftereffect of handmade expertise which you can rarely come across throughout the aluminum industry. All editions carry the specially designed logo Open Air by ALUMINCO stressing further the culture of excellence and offering a unique experience to the end user.

A one-of-a-kind experience!

characteristics Outstanding flowing design made of glass and aluminum

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding Elegance

The least visible aluminium frame achieve a minimal and modern style while the laminated glass release the maximum of natural light in the inner environment.

  • Easy to Use

It can be raised and lowered with a simple motion. It is designed to be easy and flexible to handle.

  • Light & Robust

The frame is made of aluminium, equipped with safety glass, tempered in the fixed part and triplex at the moving sections. It is designed to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure.

  • Unique Open Air Protection

All modules perform extremely well in open air spaces providing sound reduction and high protection against all weather conditions.

  • Convenient Installation

Open Air modules are carefully designed to help installers benefit from quick and easy installations throughout carrying and mounting stages of modules.

  • Tested & Approved

Open Air Systems have been tested and approved by notable Testing Laboratories to meet and exceed quality, safety and performance standards.



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