The EW50 SP is a thermally insulated curtain wall system for robust constructions of large glass surfaces, designed with reinforced profiles and new system components that meets the highest requirements in sound performance.

This curtain wall system is standard type (mullion / transom) with horizontal and vertical cover. Mullions and transoms are made with the same profiles of 50 mm sightlines. EPDM gaskets and a special thermal and acoustic isolator are used to optimize the insulation of the system.

It also offers the possibility to integrate triple glazing. This option increases the size of the glazing, giving the benefit to meet demanding projects in terms of thermal and acoustic performance. In addition, the possibility of incorporating opening frames can be achieved with Aluminco’s doors and windows series.

The ALUMINCO EW50 SP is well equipped to deal with the requirements that enhance the living and working environment of a building.


Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding sound insulation
  • Optimum thermal insulation
  • High degree of functionality
  • Triple or double glazing solutions
  • Combination with doors and windows of the D75 / D90, W450 / W4750.



  • EN 12207 Air Permeability:
  • EN 12208 Water Tightness:
  • EN 12179 Resistance to Wind Load:
Design load: ±2000 Pa (203 Kg/m2), Increased load: ±3000Pa (304 Kg/m2)
  • EN 717 Sound Reduction Rw:
52 d
  • EN 12412-2 Thermal Insulation (Uf):
from 64 W/m²



  • Standard: Fixed, Corner inside/outside