The advanced system SL2450 offers all the functional benefits of a minimal lift and slide system with impressive performance. The system combines up to date architectural aesthetics and exceptional functionality along with high durability. The design parameters on which the system has been constructed are architectural aesthetics, functionality combined with durability and unprecedented performance, while flexibility and ease in construction are important benefits for the modern professional. Its minimal architectural design is reflected on the 30 mm wide interlocking profile for greater visibility and natural light, while the low-level threshold offers extra comfort and easier access.

In order to improve its performance, the SL2450 is equipped with 32 mm glass reinforced polyamides and EPDM gaskets that offer increased levels of thermal insulation and water tightness. Exceeding conventional applications and fulfilling the need for medium-sized openings, SL2450 offers more opportunities and options to the modern professional, therefore upgraded in one of the most efficient systems in its category.

Features and Benefits

  • High level of thermal insulation due to the 32 mm glass reinforced polyamides
  • Its minimal and straight lines combined with the 35 mm low threshold offer particularly fine constructions.
  • Interlocking face width of only 30 mm maximizes transparency and natural light penetration.
  • The advanced HS-200 lift mechanism offers high functionality, ease of use and smooth sliding while the specially designed profile with the integrated handle reinforces robustness and increases the resistance to wind pressure.
  • Possibility to implement different typologies, perfectly adapting to large scale constructions.
  • Ideal for hotel units, offering the ability to implement extensive lifting-sliding solutions with fixed panel.



  • EN 13\115 Operating Force
  • EN 12207 Air Permeability
  • EN 12208 Water Tightness
  • EN 12210 Resistance to Wind Load
  • EN 717 Sound Reduction Rw
40 dB
  • EN 10077-2 Thermal Insulation (Uf)
from 1.9 W/m²K



  • Sliding:

2 Sash sliding, 3 Sash sliding, 4 Sash double sliding, 6 Sash double sliding, 2 Sash sliding with insect screen, 1 Sash sliding with fixed, 2 Sash sliding with fixed, 2 Sash sliding with fixed and insect screen

  • Pocket sliding:

1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/insect screen, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/shutter, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/insect screen/shutter