The system for supporting photovoltaic panels on tiled roofs, in combination with ALUMINCO’s innovative special type Cast Aluminum tiles, which are protected by an international patent, ensures the excellent waterproofing of the entire construction, without the slightest inflow of water inside the house. Aluminum tiles are available in 4 different types – Roman, Dutch, French and Swedish – compatible with the respective ceramics and with every type of joist on the market

The installation of the system on tiled roofs is done using aluminum profiles in a single array (Landscape Demarcation), but also in a double array (Portrait Demarcation), which ensures the photovoltaic panels a sufficient distance from the roof surface in order to have proper ventilation.

Features and Benefits

  • Waterproofing of the construction by avoiding water ingress.
  • Easy assembly and quick installation.
  • Ideal for traditional houses,villas, apartments.