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Isla Brown Corinthia Resort & Spa, a member of Brown Hotels

Agioi Theodoroi, Corinthia
  • SL2700Lift & Slide Thermal Insulating System
    For high-end structures (The GREAT WIDE)
  • W4750Tilt & Turn Highly Thermal Insulating System
    The most demanding thermal insulation requirements
  • EW50 Curtain Wall System
    Affordable quality fully meeting all stability and safety requirements
  • Crystalline®Glass Supporting System
    Top transparency which surpasses human expectations

The Challenge

The intriguing architecture of Isla Brown Corinthia is very vivid in the rooms and suites as wel, blending pefectly with the ever-changing views of the sea. The finest of materials were handpicked for the interior, offering a sense of bespoke, organic luxury. None other than the award-winning team of Elastic Architects is the creative mind behind this bold concept. The staggering location, the signature Brown Hotels personality and, of course, the wild mythology of the area have forged the narrative of this resort! Every bit of the design narrates the fiery story of the giant Typhoeus, while incorporating the breathtaking, 180° view of the Corinthian Gulf.

The total remake of the iconic “Hanikian” hotel, dating in the Mid-1970’s, is informed by the topography of its legendary location on the Corinthian Gulf, introducing a new identity. The formerly rectangular, massive, repetitive modernist building is now endowed with an organic form, inspired by landscape formations under the bright sun. The design concept for the new, 166-room hotel, highlights the material and sensual properties of its location on the northern edge of the Greek Volcanic Arc, besides “Sousaki”, a craterless volcano silent for 2.7million years. According to mythology, the volcano is home to the giant Typhoeus, his open arms spanning east to west. Inspired by this embodiment of a volcanic eruption, the design introduces panoramic views, and emulates the fluidity of lava: The square volumes of the building become a stack of “pebbles”, as if arranged by the giant himself. The hotel includes three room typologies, with luxury guestrooms and suites providing indoor dining, two bathrooms, and a freestanding bathtub. Public spaces include a lobby, indoor sea view bar with a bronze sculptural countertop under an undulating ceiling, an all-day dining restaurant, gym, and spa, and a spectacular infinity rooftop shallow pool with bar and lounge seating areas offering extended views over the Corinthian Gulf. Overlapping curved surfaces create a visual brand language throughout, on exterior and interior walls, finishes, lighting design, and decoration. The color palette features volcanic shades of terracotta and amber, bronze mirrors, gold, and tinted glass. Custom-made, functional furniture is designed for all public spaces, introducing a contemporary sensibility, inspired by key natural elements.

The Result

Brown Beach Resort inaugurates a new type of luxury and of course the quality signature of Aluminco could not be missing from it! A space for relaxation, entertainment and well-being of the traveler is located in the emblematic area of Corinthia, just 50′ by car from Athens. With its special style and characteristic curves, the first design resort of the group in Greece, has 166 design rooms and 110 bungalows, which were curated by the award-winning Elastic Architects team.

The endless blue that stretches at the foot of the resort create a unique experience. From the balcony of each room or swimming in the pool area, the Argosaronic gulf stretches out endlessly, giving peace to the visitor. The resort could not lack the infrastructure for additional activities, such as restaurants, tennis courts, a spa and a children’s park.

The top-of-the-line Aluminco systems, due to their outstanding performance and unrivaled quality, perfectly suited the modern and sophisticated design of the resort. The resort spaces are highly aligned with the design philosophy of the advanced ALUMINCO architectural systems, allowing for maximum natural light and providing optimal panoramic views of the Argosaronic Sea, while offering a rich, contemporary guest experience, which achieves a natural balance between land and sea. The high specification SL 2450 and SL 2700 retractable systems have deservedly earned their place due to their combination of high thermal insulation, impressive features and large openings.

The integrated innovative ALUMINCO systems allow a significant increase in acoustic performance compared to traditional types. The EW 50 glass curtain system that was used has a high sound insulation performance as well as the possibility for maximum natural lighting in the interior space, creating an ideal environment for the users of the building. Its ergonomic properties characterize its uniqueness and flexibility while offering excellent aesthetics and functionality. The EW50 includes a multitude of construction solutions and works perfectly with all shading systems. W450 is a complete opening thermal insulation system, it deservedly won its place in the project, due to the high specifications that meet the modern requirements of energy efficiency, sound reduction, aesthetics and safety.

The resort’s architectural team also recognized ALUMINCO’s Crystalline series as the ideal solution for the hotel’s glass balustrades. It allowed them to create a modern and sophisticated design that fits perfectly with the architecture of the resort. The Crystalline range of glass balustrades stands out for its unique design, functionality, and safety, offering innovations designed to meet current real needs.

All the challenges of the project were handled exceptionally well by Aluminco, thanks to the high-end systems used. So visitors can enjoy an upgraded relaxation experience in the unique environment created with Aluminco’s signature.