Easy tips to present an offer and win your customer!

The way we present an offer to a customer is very important. Your customer should feel that they can trust you and that the terms of your partnership will be clear. By the way you present your work, it should be understood why they would choose you and not another manufacturer!

Below you can read useful and simple tips on how to present your offer to a prospective client!

Create a simple template that you will use every time. This will make it easier to record and present the offer.
Your company details in the foreground! List your name and contact details at the beginning of the offer, so it’s easy for the prospective client to remember your name and contact you!
Say a few words about you and your experience so far! It is very important that the prospective client understands who they are dealing with! To see your experience and feel secure about what you will offer.
Write down the client’s details, number the offer, give it a short description! This will prove to be a very important tool for you too as you will be able to archive and refer back to the offers more easily.
Don’t forget to write the duration of the offer in a prominent place!
Provide a detailed description of the project’s construction! Dimensions, series to be used, pieces included, color, detailed cost.
What your offer includes and does not include! Include some comments that will clarify to the prospective customer what the offer includes and what it does not include, e.g. type of colours, guarantee, extra costs, payment method, bank account.
Information about the types of systems you will use! Present in detail, both descriptively and in technical terms, the ranges of systems you will use. Your customer needs to know what systems will be installed and what they offer. Also in this way you are ‘transparent’ and trustworthy towards him! Think about it simply! And wouldn’t you want to know exactly what you are giving your money to?
Information about the glazing, the fittings, the blinds, the screens! Keep being detailed and in the descriptions of the above. Highlight advantages and any guarantees they may have.
Include certifications from recognized bodies that you have! Elements that will give you extra credibility.

A detailed offer with clear terms is important for both parties. This way you gain the client’s trust and the implementation of the project!