An outstanding presence at the “Hellenic Aluminium 2022” exhibition

Aluminco’s participation in the official exhibition for the aluminium industry, received very positive impressions, as a leading company of certified aluminium systems!

Aluminco, one of the leading Greek aluminium companies, with a strong and lasting extroversion and a leading profile, participated in the sectoral exhibition “Greek Aluminium 2022”, the largest in the industry, which took place from 14 to 16 October 2022, at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre. As part of its broader strategy of sustainable development and further penetration into new markets, Aluminco, staying true over time to the design and production of excellent quality products and aiming at their presentation and communication, participated in the sectoral exhibition. Its products were displayed in a 325 square metre stand, designed in an innovative and impressive way, which received very positive impressions from the very large participation of its partners.
The large number of partners who attended the exhibition had the opportunity to participate in the product presentation and the event organised by Aluminco on Saturday 15 October 2022 at its stand, on the occasion of the celebration of 40 years of the company’s successful career. Aluminco showcased its highly innovative Skyline and WALL & DECO aluminium architectural systems, ensuring excellent performance, safety, design and leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.
The premium Skyline range, stands out for its particularly low energy footprint, being a forerunner of “green” aluminium. The SKYLINE range is produced with raw material certified aluminium, produced from 100% green energy, and is a representative example of the sustainable development strategy, with competitive characteristics on the international market. The WALL & DECO system presents a new architectural trend in building construction and in the decoration of exterior and interior spaces. It is a system made of aluminium, which is applied to wall surfaces, ceilings, openings, partitions, creating an exterior contemporary look. These two systems of high ergonomics, innovative design and excellent functionality received very positive feedback from the visitors who attended the exhibition and confirmed once again the leading profile and the leading role that Aluminco plays over time, both in Greece and abroad.

At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Argyris Karras, President and CEO of Aluminco, stated that “the visitors of the exhibition were impressed by Aluminco’s innovative certified aluminium systems, which – in accordance with modern international standards – are environmentally friendly, while maintaining their top quality and functionality”. Mr. Karras also stressed that “all Aluminco employees, -dedicated to the timeless production of high quality products, are very proud that for another year the company remains faithful to product quality and follows the constantly evolving and dynamic international environment, playing a leading role in the demanding construction industry”.
Aluminco, through its participation in the most important trade fairs in Greece and abroad, confirms its leading profile and the leading role it plays in the continuous optimization of the construction sector.


An outstanding presence at the “Hellenic Aluminium 2022” exhibition