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Six Senses La Sagesse

Grenada, Caribbean
  • SL2700Lift & Slide Thermal Insulating System
    For high-end structures (The GREAT WIDE)
  • W450Tilt & Turn Thermal Insulating System
    Maximum energy saving
  • FD4600Folding Thermal Insulating Door System
    High comfort & maximal transparency

The Challenge

The strict and at the same time narrow schedule, the multiple typologies, the special constructions with impressively large openings of more than 7m, the reinforced packaging for the safe transport of the special glass panes, the successive section loadings and the local climatic conditions make up the puzzle of the great challenges of the project .

The project took place in 6 stages from November 2022 and was completed within 18 months with the kick-off on 10th April enjoying a proud setting between the ocean and the sheltered bay in the southern part of Grenada, with visitors embarking on a journey of discovery, rejuvenation and celebration.

Distinctive not only in terms of performance but above all in terms of sustainable development, the requirements for sound insulation, thermal insulation and environmental behavior rivaled the levels of other European equivalent projects with ALUMINCO’s installed advanced systems being the ideal choice for projects with bioclimatic design.

The Result

The company’s advanced architectural systems, SL2700-W450-FD4600, of high performance and top aesthetics, were fully and substantially integrated into the uniqueness of the area while offering the user a special living experience as allowed by the special conditions of the place: an experience where the outdoors space is inhabited as much as the interior, and nature is an extension of the building.

The design challenge of uniting the inside with the outside is something that is difficult to achieve in a way that equally combines high aesthetics, functionality and high performance. It is therefore a design problem that calls for easy-to-use, sustainable, stylish and modern solutions.

A leading role in this design challenge was undoubtedly played by the advanced ALUMINCO systems supporting the weight of large panes of glass, thus maximizing the natural light entering the space and offering unobstructed views to the outside. The advanced aluminum systems from Aluminco constitute a comprehensive range of solutions, covering a wide range of designs and functional characteristics.