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ISLA Brown Chania Resort & Spa

Chania, Crete
  • SL2450Lift & Slide Thermal Insulating System
    Minimal face widths
  • FD4600Folding Thermal Insulating Door System
    High comfort & maximal transparency

The Challenge

All the challenges of the project were handled exceptionally well by Aluminco, thanks to the high-end systems used. Thus, visitors can enjoy an upgraded relaxation experience in the unique environment created with the signature of ALUMINCO.


The Result

Isla Brown Chania Resort & Spa inaugurates a new kind of luxury and of course the quality signature of ALUMINCO could not be missing from it!

The top ALUMINCO systems, due to their outstanding performance and unrivaled quality, perfectly suited the modern and sophisticated design of the resort. The resort spaces are largely aligned with the design philosophy of ALUMINCO advanced architectural systems, allowing for maximum natural light and providing optimal panoramic views. The high-end SL2450 and FD4600 systems have deservedly earned their place since they combine high thermal insulation, impressive features and cover large-sized openings, while allowing a significant increase in acoustic performance compared to more conventional types.

The architectural team of the resort also recognized ALUMINCO’s Crystalline series with the Slim Line HD type as the ideal solution for the hotel’s glass railings. It allowed them to create a modern and sophisticated design that fits perfectly with the architecture of the resort. The Crystalline range of glass railings stands out for its unique design, functionality, and safety, offering innovations designed to meet current real needs.