New aluminium extrusion line significantly enhances ALUMINCO’s production capacity

The new aluminium extrusion line at ALUMINCO’s central production unit in Oinofita is fully operational. This is the 3rd extrusion line at the plant, which increases its production capacity by 60%, as it utilizes the latest robotic technologies, while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint of production.

The new line, has an annual capacity of 10,000 tons of aluminum profiles, adding to the production of 18,000 tons, of the 2 lines that existed before, with presses that have a capacity of 1850 to 2500 metric tons (MT). It is part of a series of significant investments to upgrade and expand ALUMINCO’s technological and building infrastructure, achieving a constant integration of innovation in its products and a qualitative increase in its production.

As the company’s President and CEO, Mr. Argyris Karras, stressed, “Aluminco is strengthening its leading position in the industry, as well as its international presence, by systematically investing in the heart of growth, which is productive innovation, providing modern, reliable and integrated solutions to its customers. Our new investment reflects in practice our commitment to the Corporate Responsibility concept “A Planet to Love”, for a more sustainable future, as it achieves significant energy savings in production.”

It will be recalled that Aluminco recently announced the operation of a vertically integrated plant in Kalochori Thessaloniki with a capacity of 7,000 tonnes per year. With the total investments, Aluminco’s production capacity amounts to 35,000 tonnes of aluminium profiles per year.

Technical data of the new extrusion line

The new extrusion line in Oinofita stands out due to its “green” energy management system. The PE.E.S.S. system offers efficient savings with a two-digit reduction in energy consumption. It is based on a technological innovation that ensures shorter production downtime for maintenance. The oven ensures extremely high energy efficiency and uniform heating throughout the entire bundle. The line’s intensive air-water cooling system enables the production of even the most special and demanding aluminium alloys. The diameter of the bow tie handled by the line is 7 inches, while the press force equals 20 MN (meganewton).

New aluminium extrusion line significantly enhances ALUMINCO’s production capacity