Visit of the Minister of the Greek State and Digital Governance to the Aluminco facilities in Oinofita

The Minister of State and Digital Governance, Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, visited the facilities of Aluminco S.A. in Oinofita, Boeotia. He was welcomed by the CEO of the company, Mr. Argyris Karras, who gave him a tour of all the departments of Aluminco’s industrial facilities. During the visit, the founders of the company, Mr. Theodoros Karras and Mrs. Efi Karras, were also present. The Minister was accompanied by the Mayor of Tanagra, Mr. Vasilis Pergalias, who said: “Aluminco is an important pillar of the local community and by always operating with respect for the environment, it contributes to local prosperity.”

Mr. Argyris Karras informed the Minister regarding the technological transformation of the company and the development of its major investment programme implemented in the framework of its green strategy. Aluminco is moving into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution with a matrix of initiatives.

The most important of these is the creation of the 3rd extrusion line. The new line boosts Aluminco’s production capacity by 60%, as it utilizes the latest technologies while reducing the environmental footprint of production. The reason it stands out is its “green” energy management system. The so-called PE.E.S.S..offers efficient savings with a double-digit reduction in energy consumption and is based on a technological innovation that ensures shorter production downtime for maintenance.

Another important investment is the expansion of the company’s robotic warehouse, which, once completed, will be 19 metres high and have a storage capacity of 3,100 spaces.

As Argyris Karras said, “Aluminco innovates with the aim of growth through sustainability, consolidating its leading position in the industry. We seek the lowest carbon footprint per tonne of aluminium and for this reason we are making investments to upgrade our technological equipment that contribute to reducing our energy footprint.”

In this context, Aluminco has embarked on a series of actions oriented towards sustainable development. These include the “recycling” of air pollutants for aluminium production, the use of photovoltaic panels for energy production, the recycling of raw materials and non-metallic waste and the selection of raw material produced from 100% green energy for its new product category, Skyline.

Aluminco counts 40 years of life. It was founded in 1982 by Theodoros Karras as a company dedicated to the research, development and production of innovative high quality aluminium products. Since then, it has developed an export network serving the most important markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and America, distributing aluminium products and promoting Greek quality in more than 60 countries around the world. In its modern production facilities, advanced architectural aluminium systems are designed and developed daily, many of which are one of a kind, with many innovations and patents. Indicative of the vote of confidence it receives is the commissioning and completion of large and complex projects such as the new Terminal (Terminal) of Thessaloniki Airport “Macedonia”, “Soho City Montenegro”, “Plovdiv Plaza Mall” and “30th Street Astoria NY Project”.


Visit of the Minister of the Greek State and Digital Governance to the Aluminco facilities in Oinofita