Aluminco: a company with certified “green DNA” in aluminium

Aluminco S.A. is one of the leading companies in the aluminium sector in Greece and abroad, and continues to invest in one of the most important pillars of its strategy, that of sustainability. It now develops its innovative products using as raw material aluminium produced from certified 100% green energy. More specifically, the raw material of Skyline systems – the new product category of Aluminco S.A. – is produced with electricity from renewable sources, mainly hydroelectric.

The latest proof of the company’s green philosophy is its membership of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a system of Eco-labelling in the form of a verifiable document that transparently certifies the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. Aluminco’s EPD was developed in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards and was based on Life Cycle Assessment-LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, for four different products that constitute the main volume of its production and sales.

It is no coincidence that Aluminco SA is intertwined with the concepts of green economy, innovation and sustainability. The company’s green thinking is evident throughout its production process. The company’s goal is the lowest carbon footprint per tonne of aluminium. This is achieved by “recycling” air pollutants for aluminium production and utilising photovoltaic panels for energy production as well as recycling raw materials and packaging. After all, the very heart of the company, aluminium, is a 100% recyclable material from which products are produced that help society not to overconsume.

For Aluminco SA, the word “green” is not just a trend but the future. Already 20% of its production is realized by using photovoltaic energy. The company’s target for 2023 is to reach 30% and in 2030 50%.

The company’s investment in a new aluminium extrusion line at Aluminco S.A.’s central production plant in Oinofita is part of the same green orientation. This is the 3rd extrusion line at the plant, which stands out due to its “green” energy management system. The PE.E.S.S. system offers efficient savings with a double-digit reduction in energy consumption.

As the President and CEO of the company Mr. Argyris Karras emphasizes. We have managed to create products that are friendly to it, leaving a low energy footprint. Very soon we will be able to talk about ‘green aluminium’. We are heading towards this by investing with dedication and perseverance in research and innovation.”

It is noted that aluminium has played a very important role in the European energy transition from conventional to renewable energy sources. It is a key component in the construction of wind and solar energy generation equipment. It is also an ingredient in countless low-carbon technologies, thus contributing to the transition to a more sustainable energy system and a more circular economy.

Aluminco: a company with certified “green DNA” in aluminium