ALUMINCO was awarded the biggest prize in its course to date, winning the title of “Corporate Superbrand 2021-2022”

At ALUMINCO, we design and produce architectural aluminium systems with a focus on quality, reliability and the creation of high value-added products.

The distinction in SUPERBRANDS Greece 2021-2022, comes to reward the company’s great growth, its established position in Greece and in foreign markets and its active presence in a series of emblematic projects.

The international institution of Superbrands evolves in 91 countries around the world and has been held in Greece since 2005. The Corporate Superbrands 2021-2022 were selected on the basis of the scores of the 15-member Jury of the institution and a nationwide public opinion poll conducted by the research company MARC S.A. on a sample of 1,000 people aged 20-65 years old after evaluating 1,500 companies operating in Greece, in 37 different

According to the Marketing and Communication Director of ALUMINCO, Mr. Sp. Greveas, “the Superbrands seal of excellence finds the company on a trajectory of development and design of new products with a graded environmental footprint, an evolving Corporate Social Responsibility program with emphasis on the Environment, Workers and Local Communities, continuing the 40-year path of quality and trust that it has built with its partners and customers.”

The award ceremony took place on December 1, at a formal ceremony at the Athens Concert Hall. The award was received by the President and CEO Mr. Argyris Karras, while family members, distinguished associates and friends were present next to him!

…How could we not be happy!!!!