Today, ALUMINCO has developed and established hundreds of aluminium products, many of which are one of a kind, high value, with many innovations and patents, keeping up with the company’s vision to be a leader in the aluminium sector. Maximum safety, high ergonomics, dynamic design, excellent performance, and durability in use are some of the features that dominate, giving a unique experience to the end user.  In every ALUMINCO aluminium system, the combination of innovation, ergonomics, ecology, and new concepts of architectural design is unpretentiously confirmed.


The new product line has taken its name from the English word Skyline. Probably because it is going to “take off” architects to the same level. We are offering a greater sense of comfort and freedom, which we all appreciate. It is the new collection of premium aluminium systems that add a new chapter to a range of “architect-friendly” but innovative Aluminco products.

It is not only the high level of technology that we have used to create this range of products, but also their combination with high aesthetics, the demanding “mistress” of every good architect.

SKYLINE products combine deep knowledge in design with modern engineering, carry superior features and are the perfect tool in the hands of the creator. With clean, minimal lines and modern architecture we redefine the boundaries of our world. Fans of the premium class can enjoy a range of aluminium systems with more minimalist design, upgraded quality, cutting-edge performance and innovative equipment. Architectural DNA that gives premium solutions to every need with more than 200 combinations.

We want SKYLINE solutions to offer a high degree of freedom in the design process, to meet increased energy requirements in a multitude of formulations and combinations in response to every technical challenge. Our objective is to connect the indoor to the outdoor spaces and let the beautiful environment become part of the home. The useful partner of every architect.