Through a broader plan of activities and services, ALUMINCO promotes each partnership in a unique way with the ultimate goal of mutual benefit. We have designed and constantly update personalized marketing techniques and tools, listening carefully to the requirements and wishes of our partners, so that serving them is a unique experience.


The industry of aluminium systems is one of the few professional sectors in Greece that shows a massive tendency to comply with the requirements of the CE marking legislation. The frames standard EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010 specifies in detail the compliance procedures within the framework of the conformity system 3 of aluminium frames.

Product certification includes:

  • Product technical analysis and research of all applicable standards.
  • Manufacturing corrections and improvements to bring the product into conformity with the standards relating to the product.
  • Technical file creation.
  • Agreement with a competent body for the certification of the product or production.
  • Testing (by the body itself or by another competent accredited laboratory).
  • Production documentation in accordance with the Design and the requirements of the Certification body.
  • Product or Production Certification depending on the requirements of the certification body.


INITIAL TYPE TESTS (ITT) (producer of the frame / glazing system)

PRODUCTION CONTROL SYSTEM (FPC) (frame / glazing manufacturer)

DECLARATION OF ALLOWANCES (frame / glazing fabricator)

CE MARKING (frame / glazing fabricator)

The accredited fabricator’s file shall include:

  • Factsheet on Systems Certificates and Initial Test Files
  • Producer – Fabricator Private Agreement
  • performance statement
  • CE marking


Where a construction product is covered by a harmonised standard or complies with a European technical assessment issued by this, the manufacturer shall draw up a declaration of performance when placing the product on the market.

By drawing up the declaration of performance, the fabricator takes responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with this declared performance. The declaration of performance drawn up by the manufacturer shall be accurate and reliable.

From 1 July 2013, some of the records that fabricators are required to keep and must make available on the market have changed, in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 which repeals the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC. One of the most critical changes is the removal of the Declaration of Conformity and its replacement with the Declaration of Performance.


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Your ideal daily partner. Achieving your goals is no easy task.  What you need to achieve your goals is the B2B ALUMINCO web application and a little determination. This way, you can win in time and money.  Are you ready to take control?

Welcome to your world of ALUMINCO. Your ideal everyday partner, now with new B2B possibilities and unique services!

To the new questions you ask, ALUMINCO gives a new answer: B2B ALUMINCO. With new possibilities and unique services. The B2B ALUMINCO platform is changing the face of the aluminium market in Greece, offering flexibility, immediacy, and complete control, with upgraded services and unlimited possibilities to meet every need.

To meet your daily needs but at the same time to satisfy the expectations of the most digital users, ALUMINCO invested in the further development of the B2B platform. The evolution into a modern multi-functional online platform was the goal from the beginning, which was fully achieved by adding new innovative and specially tailored services, fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Now all ALUMINCO’s partners will be able to acquire it in any ALUMINCO network they belong to, in order to enjoy unique services for online orders easily and quickly, real-time offers and the ability to configure frames 24/7, with absolute security and excellent speeds.

Today, more than half of the orders received by ALUMINCO are received electronically. The company’s goal is for the new version of the platform to show a significant increase in usage compared to the previous version, while the new services of supply chain management between the retailer and the aluminium fabricator and window framing will become cutting-edge tools for all partners.

The renewed digital platform was tested on a pilot basis with partners in Greece and abroad, showing increased interest and added value for stakeholders.

The new portal is already open for the company’s active partners and available on all mobile devices.

To use the application visit





The Application for Calculation of Thermal Transmittance Coefficient Uw of Frames extracts the Uw from Aluminco systems according to the Technical Instructions of the K.EN.A.K. (Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation).

Excellent look & feel, professional approach and upgrading of experience in the way of calculating the thermal permeability coefficients of the company’s architectural systems, are the key components of the update, which make up the most complete and friendly application of thermal permeability calculations on the market.

Simply and quickly select different setting parameters such as product category, typology, construction characteristics and determine the Uw value of your individual configuration.

The upgraded ALUMINCO UwCalculator app has everything you need and more!

  • Friendly and comfortable environment.
  • Optimal user experience on all mobile devices.
  • Designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, projects or activities for the benefit of the user.
  • Certified Uf measurements, provide the user with reliable calculations.
  • Calculates the corrected coefficient of thermal transmittance of windows Uw, corre. [W/(m2*K)] if a cover (roller blind or shutter) is installed together with the frame
  • Export of results, quick saving in pdf and printability for any legal use
  • Easy to use and compatible with all Windows versions.
  • Zero management costs.

For any special requirements or any questions regarding the use of the app, we are always at your service.

Application available here






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We believe in cooperation and its power, so we make it happen. We create synergies with Dynamic and Branded companies, to support our network of partners even better and to provide the greatest possible benefit to the final recipient and consumer. Partnerships gain momentum, leading to new paths, creating promotional activities and conditions for a high-end result: sales growth, brand awareness and complete customer satisfaction.

Dynamic promotions for all those who want the freshness of renewal, the abundance of options and the perfect result that only an ALUMINCO frame can offer. We welcome the ALUMINCO COLOR DAYS program, a unique promotional action that gives maximum flexibility and more advantages to the ALUMINCO network to meet today’s social conditions and upcoming market demands.

More specifically, as part of our customer-centric philosophy, we went beyond the numbers to create real benefit for everyone, with a dynamic action that offers the most tested, certified, and ultra-resistant SMART paints at SUPER special prices. The ALUMINCO COLOR DAYS program includes six (6) of the most popular RAL colors, as well as ten (10) super-resistant colors specifically designed for use on architectural metal surfaces. Super-resistant colors are well established and found in most quality construction around us, not only in large projects, but also in residential, commercial buildings, hotel complexes, etc. Their performance is continuously monitored by gloss and hue measurements of painted architectural elements, and it is consistently confirmed that after >25 years they maintain their properties at excellent levels.

The ALUMINCO COLOR DAYS program, effective from 1/4/2020, is available for all the company’s aluminium systems, architectural and peripheral, and will be supported through a digital communication plan that will encourage potential buyers of aluminium frames to take advantage of the opportunity offered by ALUMINCO and its network and choose the colour that suits their needs and preferences.

The paint offer is valid until 31 December 2022 throughout the Official ALUMINCO Retailer and Fabricator Network.

For more information on the ALUMINCO COLOR DAYS promotion, information on available colors, RAL and ultra-resistant, as well as large size paint samples for projects, contact ALUMINCO at

Everyone is there to help you win.


ALUMINCO can support its partners in undertaking and managing large technical projects, due to its unique, long-standing and international experience.

  • Assistance and support of the partner in the development and fulfillment of the requirements for the claim and the undertaking of the project, public or private, depending on the technical and financial peculiarities, in Greece and abroad.
  • Full support, with certified products of high standards and requirements, fully covering all areas of construction, on the facade, interior, and exterior of the building, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Support in meeting specific project needs, always focusing on high quality and aesthetics, functionality, safety, top energy efficiency, long-term reliability, and durability.