ALUMINCO quality is a non-negotiable value for the company’s people. By constantly strengthening and upgrading our production capacity, investing in machinery and new technologies. With certifications from recognized institutes and international organizations. With products that stand the test of time and act as a magnet for most users. With projects that capture even the most demanding eyes.

Excellent quality and durability

Aluminium systems offer doors and windows with high robustness and therefore increased safety and durability. Aluminium is a highly durable metal that can remain unchanged for many decades. It exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion and requires minimal maintenance

Moreover, as a material it is capable of multiple treatments, fully preserving its characteristics. Thus, the surface painting and anodizing treatments that are usually applied to aluminium profiles shield the frame and protect it from corrosion.

Aluminium frames are subject to demanding quality controls in accordance with international standards and receive certifications for their performance from internationally recognized institutes and organizations.

Finally, another ability of aluminium is its high fire resistance index, which is why it is classified as a non-flammable material. It is a tough material which, as a metal, does not burn. This means that in the event of a fire in a building or house with closed windows, the fire will not easily pass inside. Aluminium will delay the transmission and most importantly will not emit harmful gases when burning.


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