aluminco projects-fasa

The Wave

Syngrou Avenue, Athens, Greece
  • SL2700Lift & Slide Thermal Insulating System
    For high-end structures (The GREAT WIDE)

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to achieve, a building that as an element in the urban fabric will create a flow of events, which will respond to the kinetic experience of crossing Syngrou Avenue. Analyzing the relationship of the building with the wider area, it was proposed to transfer the central axis of movement onto the face of Syngrou Avenue. The geometrical counterpart of the imprint of this gesture was the dynamic factor in processing the face.

Taking advantage of the experience of movement, a system equivalent to time-lapse photography was designed that achieves the perception of this movement through a self-contained and comprehensible image. Translating the movement into an architectural form, a system of vertical elements was created which is made up of sixty-four specially constructed undulating blinds, each with a unique development.

The apparent movement of the blinds is intensified by the alternations of shadows, resulting in a changing image of the facade in a constant play with sunlight during the day. In the evening hours, the permanent lighting installation, which is specially designed and built for each point, angle, and wing of the facade, reinforces the project’s unique identity, integrating it in a gentle and sustainable way into the city’s nocturnal landscape.

A studied sequence of very soft fluctuations of white light interacts with the darkness and runs through the building envelope. Emphasis was placed on the protection of the wider urban environment from light pollution. Thus, the lighting bodies are controlled by specialized systems, so that they operate at very low luminosities.

The Result

The formation of the façade is an element of bioclimatic design as it responds to the control of solar radiation, as well as an element of variability as the hemp of the face gives multiple articulation possibilities inside the building. The roof opens up to the impressive view of the Acropolis, through the creation of a sitting area which is surrounded by greenery.

The main concern of the study was that the building follows the principles of sustainable development. For this reason, the project was designed and built to receive LEED Gold certification, as well as a special parameterization study of the façade blinds system was drawn up to ensure the best entry of light into the interior and to achieve overall comfort.

The company’s advanced aluminum systems yielded significant and substantial results in the main concern of the study. The operable system W85 HS VIEW MASTER and the retractable SL2700 GREAT WIDE of the Skyline collection successfully responded to the principles of sustainable design but also provided minimal aesthetics, enhanced natural lighting and excellent levels of thermal and acoustic comfort.