In recent years, minimal design in aluminium systems has been gaining ground in the design of residential and commercial spaces, as simplicity is the key to ensure an ultra-elegant result that is also timeless.

Minimal Design & Aesthetic Functionality

The phrase of the German American representative of the modernist architectural movement Miss Van de Rohe, “Less Is More”, is nowadays a key design principle and is applied to achieve spaces that have a way to impress, activating the senses without much effort.

The main highlight of the house and the element that distinguishes its design are the glazed surfaces. The overall design philosophy of the Fielding House is derived from the traditional architecture of the mid-20th century, with clean lines and simple elements, all betting on functionality and ultimate comfort.

The clean, simple lines, the maximisation of the field of vision and thus natural lighting, the seamless transition between large windows and large sliding doors that make the interior environment “one” with the outside and enchanting the top aesthetics that focus on functionality and comfort, are reference points and contribute decisively to improving the quality of life of the users.

ALUMINCO aluminium systems are designed to meet the increasing minimal design requirements in terms of aesthetic functionality and include:

  • Straight lines with clean geometries and large openings
  • Hidden hinges and hidden panels
  • Hidden panels to minimize the visible aluminium
  • Runners and frames fully integrated into the masonry and flooring.
  • Thin sections at the point where sliding or opening leaves are joined
  • Low threshold for maximum comfort and easy passage for elderly, children, and people with disabilities in accordance with European standards. This feature combined with the visual effect of the invisible frames creates the ultimate minimalist look.
οφελη συστηματων Minimal