In modern times, the criteria for the selection of aluminium systems are not only aesthetics and functionality. Equally important is the protection they provide. Our homes should be a safe living environment for us and our family, where the threat of intrusion is minimized, and a sense of protection is assured.

Maximum Security

The protection of a building from the intrusion of unwanted visitors is implemented by considering all the openings to the internal environment and applying to each of them the appropriate anti-burglary protection frame, depending on the risk of intrusion and the resistance it must demonstrate.

Entrance doors, windows, balcony doors represent the “weak points” of protection against burglars, even when closed and locked, due to their lower strength compared to the masonry of the building.

The aluminium frames are certified by internationally recognized organizations and meet the highest safety standards. They are evaluated with a six-tier system (RC1 to RC6 in increasing order of burglary resistance), describing the level of resistance to static and dynamic pressure, with different tools as well as manual burglary attempts.

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The categories of resistance to burglary RC

Category of resistance to burglary RC )

Time of resistance

Burglar-type of attack and procedure to be applied during testing

  • RC 1
  • Occasional burglar – RC1 is the first category that refers only to human power that can be exerted with hands and body. Resistance to the use of physical force such as kicking, shoulder pushing, pulling outward
  • RC 2 (WK2)
  • 3 minutes
  • Occasional burglar – RC2, is the second category and includes in addition to human power, large screwdrivers, wedges, pliers and pincers. A security glazing according to EN 356 is required for class RC2.
  • RC 3 (WK3)
  • 5 minutes
  • Burglar – RC3, the third category, includes the tools of category RC2, and additional metal crowbar, small hand drill and application of specific hydraulic pressure on the sensitive points of the frame such as hinges, pins, and lock.
  • RC 4 (WK4)
  • 10minutes
  • Experienced Burglar – RC4, the fourth category, includes in addition to the saw and additional tools such as a crowbar, hammer, chisel, and a cordless drill.
  • RC 5 (WK5)
  • 15 minutes
  • Highly experienced burglar – RC5, the fifth category, includes in addition to hand tools and power tools such as drill, jigsaw and circular saw with a blade diameter of max 125mm. The frame is fitted with bulletproof glass in accordance with EN 356.
  • RC 6 (WK6)
  • 20 minutes
  • Highly experienced burglar – RC6, the sixth category, includes in addition to hand tools and powerful power tools such as drill, jigsaw and circular saw with a blade diameter of max 230mm. The frame is fitted with bulletproof glass in accordance with EN 356

A secure aluminium system, including shutters and blinds, depends on:

  • The components that, through the appropriate – depending on the dimensions of the system – number of locking points, significantly improve not only the protection against intrusions, but also provide greater ease of movement of the window itself.
  • The safety glass that should necessarily accompany the anti-burglar systems.
  • The stability of the frame, especially in replacements where the wooden frame remains.
  • The proper installation.

Modern frames offer increased security due to the use of multiple locking points and more connection points. In combination with the use of triplex glazing it is possible to achieve top security performance.

The anti-burglar certification relates to the resistance of the frame to break in attempts, using tools such as screwdrivers, crowbars, etc. in previously vulnerable parts of the frame, but also to pressure and the throwing of objects.

ALUMINCO high performance thermal insulation systems have been certified by international accredited bodies and laboratories such as the German institute IFT ROSENHEIM according to the European for anti-burglar standard EN 1627.

The certification concerns to:

  • The resistance of the frame to break-in attempts.
  • resistance to a static load of 300 kg
  • resistance to a dynamic load of 30 kg with a release height of 80 cm.
  • the control of glazing to create an opening for access to the interior space.

The safety of your home and your protection from the conditions of the external environment and external hazards is one of the most important priorities at ALUMINCO.

Allied with Aluminium, a material that has been established as the ideal material for the construction of frames, Quality Design and Top Certification for burglar protection, ALUMINCO designs and offers aluminium systems that ensure the Maximum Safety of your home.