European standards provide for the classification of aluminium systems into categories according to their performance in terms of air permeability, watertightness, and wind pressure resistance.

Air permeability – EN 12207

In general, modern frames have exceptionally good characteristics of durability and resistance to weather conditions. This is achieved by suitable cross-sections of the construction materials, but also using special pre-treatment and coating chemicals for the final materials.

The thermal insulation properties of a frame are determined both by its ability to prevent the passage of hot or cold air through its joints and by its ability to prevent the spread of heat through the materials of which it is made.

The ability of frames to prevent the spread of heat depends mainly on the air permeability of the frame surface, which is eliminated when the frame is correctly installed, the type of glazing and the type of aluminium system.

If a window allows a large amount of air to pass through its joints, it will cause hot air to escape or cold air to enter (depending on the different pressures), resulting in cooling of the room and therefore increased heating requirements to maintain a constant indoor temperature.

In thermal insulation systems, the inner part is separated from the outer part by a different textured material of low thermal conductivity, which prevents the direct transfer of heat from the inside to the outside and the other way round. Air permeability directly affects both thermal and sound insulation.

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Waterproofing – EN 12208

Waterproofing or liquid proofing is the process by which a structure is made impermeable to water by the application of specific waterproofing materials. These materials could be impermeable to water and not be affected under certain conditions. Such materials can be used in a wet environment, even under water for certain depths.

ALUMINCO’s up-to-date aluminium frame systems have excellent performance in the field of waterproofing. They provide for perimeter gaskets and brushes, sealed at corners, water drainage sinks, etc., achieving ideal waterproofing and avoiding multiple problems.

By using waterproofing materials, ALUMINCO gives its systems the ability to be impermeable to water and not be affected by certain weather conditions. They carry special waterproof and airtight EPDM foam rubbers, for absolute watertightness.

Wind Pressure Resistance – EN 12210

Air sealing in aluminium systems is an important factor that affects thermal as well as sound insulation. In both cases, the glazing is a decisive factor. Another aspect related to the quality of the construction of the windows and affecting the climate of the house is wind resistance.

The need for the best possible realistic approach is urgent, especially in stress-sensitive structures, where the influence of wind pressure is significant and its contribution to the overall stress situation is very high.

The wind pressure resistance expresses the maximum wind pressure for which the frame elements show a deformation of less than 1/200 of their length.

Wind pressure resistance (including under pressure especially in large openings and glazing) is ensured by checking the mechanical support of the frame and sheets, checking the adequacy of the glazing cross-sections and the fastening to the sheets, and checking the strength of the operating mechanisms of the frames and sheets.

Based on the above, wind pressure has an effect on the frames, the stability of the frames and the application of the various materials (glazing, panels) with the sheet or frame.

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