Making the right choice for doors and window is not an easy choice. There is such a wide choice of designs, and configurations as well as performance, which need to be carefully taken into consideration.

In order to assist you making the right choice, we have set below a list of answers to possible questions you might have.

Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium is the right choice when it comes to doors and windows.  It does not age like other organic materials and needs no protection from ultra-violet light. Also it resists against any kind of corrosion which means minimum maintenance throughout the years.

Aluminium offers numerous benefits, for example many design options, security, sound and thermal insulation, and most important it is a “green” material, the use of which contributes to preserving our ecology as it is fully recyclable.

Why select thermal break doors and windows

By selecting thermal break doors and windows, we save energy all year round, during winter as well as summer.  Also, thermal break systems are more robust and long wearing.

Choosing the right type of system

Making the right choice for doors and windows is of utmost importance.  Spending the right amount of money for the right system which will contribute to a higher level of energy efficiency of any home or building.

However, before choosing the doors and windows, we need the guidance of a professional fabricator who should have the following:

  • Certified fabrication
  • Quality control certificate ( FPC or ISO )
  • Project reference
  • Professional installation team


When it comes to renovating and replacing existing doors and windows, the factors to be taken into consideration are:

  • Functionality
  • Acoustic and thermal insultation
  • Security


Whether it comes to sliding patio doors, hinged windows or bifold doors, proper installation is a decisive factor for optimal results.

Frames should not be in direct contact with the brick or concrete wall as it will affect the thermal insultation.

The gap between the wall and frame should be well sealed with proper insulating material to avoid and resist against humidity and mold.

There must be sufficient and visible water drainage openings, which need to be cleaned at least once a year.

Frames and sashes must be perfectly level, installed and fixed with the right fixing bolts, otherwise they will not function properly.

Performance of doors and windows

A certain number of details affects the performance of any type of opening, for example, type of configuration, type of glass and certainly type of system.

Once of the most important factors is the wind pressure and water resistance in relation to the building orientation.

Precisely, northern orientation means stronger winds and heavier rainfall whereas south orientation mains stronger sunlight and higher temperatures during summer months.

If security is a major objective, then opting for more locking points and specialized mechanisms should be implemented.

How to obtain maximum energy efficiency

By selecting systems with the higher insulating materials and thermal bars used for installation.

Not to forget that right installation by professionals and use of proper insulating materials in every stage of fabrication as well as installation.

What about the main door entrance?

The main door entrance plays also an important role in the overall thermal insulation and is another one of the total openings.  Also it is mostly used more than any other door or window, so insulating factors should be the maximum.

Why should we choose opening or hinged windows and doors?

Opening or hinged windows and doors offer the following features:

  • Higher performance in comparison to sliding openings on every detail
  • Wider choice of glass
  • Option of Lift & Turn mechanisms.
  • Higher degree of security.
  • Unrivalled flexibility of configurations.

Why should we choose sliding windows and doors

  • Possibility to have larger openings.
  • Maximum light transmission.
  • Easy operation and use.
  • More space available in the room and flexibility in arrangement .

Super durable finishes

  • Up to three times more durable and resistant to ultraviolet exposure
  • Higher quality and aesthetic look.
  • Wider choice of colours
  • Maximum resistance to scratches

Environmentally friendly & non- toxic