What is CE label

The CE marking is the certificate established by the European Union to ensure that the manufacturer of aluminium frames complies with the technical specifications and technical procedures established by the producer company (in this case ALUMINCO) on the basis of Regulation 305/11, which are harmonized with the standard EN 14351-1: 2006, regarding the manufacture of aluminium doors and windows.

What is the performance declaration?

Where a construction product is covered by a harmonized standard or complies with the European Technical Assessment issued for it, the manufacturer shall draw up a declaration of performance when the product is placed on the market.

By drawing up the declaration of performance, the manufacturer takes responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with this declared performance. The declaration of performance drawn up by the manufacturer shall be accurate and reliable. It can therefore be said that the performance declaration is a statement by the manufacturer stating the performance of an aluminium structure.

What are the obligations of the manufacturer?

The contractor is obliged to deliver the following documents with each project:

1) CE Declaration of Performance:
It is the manufacturer’s declaration, issued under his own responsibility, that the products manufactured by him fully comply with the provisions of Directive 89/106/EEC and the corresponding reference standards relating to “Air Permeability”, “Watertightness” and “Wind Pressure Resistance”.

2) Product Specifications:
Together with the accompanying documents there shall be a corresponding table for each frame describing its characteristics.

3) Warranty:
The frames must be accompanied by the guarantee offered by the manufacturer for the smooth and proper functioning of the frames (2 years minimum).

4) Instructions for Use and Maintenance:
The frames must be accompanied by a document with instructions for their appropriate use and maintenance.

Who is a certified aluminium fabricator?

All aluminium extrusion industries certify and authorize specific aluminium frame fabricators to manufacture their complete systems. A prerequisite is that they must have successfully attended the F.P.C. seminar or be ISO certified. In both cases, an agreement on the use of the systems’ certificates is signed between the industry and the manufacturer, in which the obligations of both parties are explicitly stated.

Certified aluminium fabricators are constantly updated on the company’s new products and the proper way to produce aluminium frames. In addition, Aluminco for its network of certified aluminium fabricators conducts random, frequent inspections of completed projects for any manufacturing errors.

What are the benefits of super durable colors?

The main advantages of super durable colors are longevity and perfect retention of color shade and gloss. The “sandblasted” texture can hide possible substrate imperfections and improves the scratch resistance of the finish thanks to its high resistance to scratching, abrasion and hits.

Why certified components should be used

All architectural systems are designed to specific requirements, and have specified water permeability, air permeability, and wind resistance performances that have been tested in notified testing laboratories. In order to achieve the maximum performance stated in the certificate, the certified components recommended by the system designer should be used.

How Aluminco differs from other aluminium companies

Aluminco is the only company in the aluminium industry that can offer complete solutions for ALL aluminium structural products. Architectural systems, aluminium components, aluminium fittings, railings, panels, patio door systems, fencing, pergolas, shaped aluminium sheets are available to the manufacturer to meet all requirements.

8. What Aluminco offers compared to other companies

In addition to being the only company that provides integrated solutions in all aluminium building products, Aluminco provides marketing and sales tools available to its partners that offer speed and professionalism in the way you make your offers and specify your products. Indicatively, we mention the B2B platform where professionals can place and manage their orders online, the configurator where they can see the cost of a project in materials, but also give a quote to a client. ALUMINCO Uw Calculator application with which the thermal transmittance of a frame can be accurately calculated. The manufacturer can consult the project department, a team of experienced engineers on how to manage a project and the marketing department that organizes marketing workshops to promote the company’s products and creates all the supporting material (brochures, signs, registrations and all the promotional material for the manufacturers’ requirements).