Buildings in Greece account for about 40% of total energy consumption. In recent years they have increased their energy consumption by about 24%. Unfortunately, this ranks them among the most energy-consuming buildings in Europe.

Energy Saving

One of the main reasons why Greek buildings are highly energy-consuming is their age and the lack of integration of modern technology in them, due to the lack of relevant regulations in the last 30 years.

More of these buildings were built before 1980 and face issues such as:

  • the partial or total lack of thermal insulation
  • old technology frames (frames/single glazing)
  • the inadequate sun protection of their southern and western facades
  • inadequate maintenance of heating/air conditioning systems resulting in low efficiency

In such an environment, where energy loss in the building sector is increasing, causing significant environmental impact and financial burden to owners, the need for an energy efficient home becomes more and more urgent. An energy-efficient home reduces unnecessary energy waste and yields significant savings.

With the subsidized programs “Exoikonomo” you can finance the upgrade of your home, acquire ALUMINCO frames and improve its energy efficiency. Their excellent thermal insulation properties contribute to environmental friendliness and offer energy savings of up to 40% in winter – summer.

By replacing your old windows and doors with new thermal insulating systems, you improve the energy class of your building, increase its commercial value, and ensure energy identity, in accordance with the European Union directives.

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