Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Conference

Aluminco S.A., one of the leading companies in the aluminium sector in Greece and abroad, continues to invest in one of the most important pillars of its strategy, that of sustainability.

At the Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing conference, in which he participated, Epaminondas Liakos, Technical Director of the company, presented the innovative energy saving practices applied in Aluminco’s production process.

From 2010 to date , true to its vision for a sustainable future, it has made a series of investments and changes to reduce its environmental footprint in its operations.

The first step was taken by ensuring the necessary insulation in its buildings in order to save energy when heating or cooling them. Then, by equipping its offices with ‘smart’ technologies, A+ energy efficient appliances, Led lamps in all facilities and water saving systems, it took another successful step towards ensuring integrated actions that are in line with its green philosophy!

Mr. Liakos, emphasizing on the production facilities, where the ‘heart’ of Aluminco’s activities is located, referred to the 2 photovoltaic parks Net Metering, of 2.2MW, which ensure a 50% coverage of the needs. He also added that a plan has already been prepared for the immediate expansion of the Net Metering park, aiming at a 95% coverage of the needs.

The investment of the 3rd in a row aluminium extrusion line at the Oinofita central plant is also part of the same green orientation. This press stands out due to its green system, PE.E.S.S. , which ensures a double-digit reduction in energy consumption of 30% compared to a conventional press, while it has a benefit of 320kWh per day! Within the next 3 years, the remaining 2 extrusion lines will be upgraded with energy saving systems.

The most recent proof of the company’s green philosophy is its inclusion in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) . This is an Eco-labelling scheme that transparently certifies the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. Aluminco’s EPD was developed in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards and was based on Life Cycle Assessment-LCA according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, for the products that constitute the main volume of its production and sales.

“For Aluminco.A.E., environmental protection is a driving force. We have managed to create products that are friendly to it, leaving a low energy footprint. Very soon we will be able to talk about ‘green aluminium’. We are heading towards this by investing with dedication and perseverance in research and innovation.”


Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Conference