Choose the right type of system!

A better tomorrow for us and our planet is everyone’s concern. The need to save energy is the challenge for the future of cities and depends to a large extent on our individual choices.

Together, we are laying the foundations for a better future for ourselves, the country, and the planet!


You have decided to upgrade the windows of your home. Which of the following is your top priority and a springboard for your final choice?

  • Saving energy and money?
  • Technical excellence?
  • Aesthetics?
  • Ease of use?

Choosing aluminium systems is not a simple task. The variety of types and designs in which they are available is so extensive that before arriving at a final choice, one needs to be very careful and consider several important factors.

If you are in the process of choosing aluminium systems and the whole thing seems like a great challenge for you, Aluminco’s… exoikonomistas are here to facilitate your decision, guiding you through a series of questions to determine which is the ideal type of aluminium for your specific needs!