With consistency to our vision, we operate through a triptych whose only purpose is to create competitive advantages beneficial to our partners.


At ALUMINCO we believe in cooperation. All of us who design and produce, as well as our partners and the users of our products, are all one family. What unites us is the love for quality.


Our systems would have no value if they were not tools of creativity for our partners. With our support and your imagination and knowledge, ALUMINCO systems live on all over the world, making people happy and safe.


We see each of our clients as a unique personality, with specific needs, which we make sure to get to know and fulfil. For this reason, we have created thousands of products and processes, whose intelligent combination offers personalized solutions for your individual needs.

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Benefits to our partners

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  • We create solutions!

At ALUMINCO we do not just produce aluminium systems, but we create solutions and benefits for the partner and its customers. We ensure a stable, sound, and comprehensive product and support system for you and your needs. We combine quality certified aluminium systems; with all the human support you need to feel confident and comfortable in your choices.

  • The widest range of materials!

With innovation and boldness, we are constantly creating new products that make up a strong, constantly evolving range. This becomes a design tool in your hands, resulting in not only outstanding designs but also smiling people.

  • Quality that can be seen and felt!

Quality always starts with an idea. But quality is not only ideas, but actions and evidence. Evidence that you live and feel. All ALUMINCO product systems, without exception, are certified by internationally recognised companies. Without exception, all the raw materials we use are certified for the purpose they serve and come from ethically accepted sources. All ALUMINCO people, without exception, are trained and certified for what they offer. All processes at ALUMINCO, without exception, are ISO certified by international bodies.

But all this would be of no value if ALUMINCO quality did not speak to your heart. And quality at ALUMINCO is not static…but evolving.

  • Continuous research for your development!

Our development is based on the spiritual awakening and evolution of our people. We invest in new ideas and creativity; we invest in the mindset that leads to innovation. For us, the Research and Development department is our heart, all aluminium systems are designed, developed, tested, and certified by International and recognized houses. We create unique and innovative products, while at the same time making continuous improvements to existing ones. Quality, aesthetics, and functionality are not only elements that dominate each new product, but the main axes on which no compromise is possible.

  • Winning team!

“Synergy” is a Greek word that describes the need for cooperation for the successful completion of a project or purpose. At ALUMINCO we understand the value of this concept but our main motivation for collaboration is the enjoyment of team play and the joy on the faces of those who unite under a common effort. For us, a “Partner” is a member of the family. Our entire structure and team are developed in a way that serves cooperation and a common outcome. We have all the tools to inform and serve the partner, such as an international dynamic website, international detailed product catalogues, product and paint samples, a large network of exhibitions, projects, and partners around the world for immediate access and support.

If you are not just looking for aluminium, we want you to know that we are not just looking for customers either.


Benefits for our partners

Through a broader system of values and strong commercial privileges, ALUMINCO promotes each partnership in a unique way for mutual benefit. We have designed and constantly renew following your preferences a series of unique benefits that make your service a unique experience.


  • Sound cooperation and stability in an international network.
  • Branded products, optimistic cooperation, participation in success.
  • Package of products & solutions with continuous range expansion.
  • Excellence in a demanding, competitive environment.
  • Profit &
  • Participation in evolution.
  • Synergies, access & support to projects.
  • Support to extroversion.
  • Recognition of the value and uniqueness of the partner.
  • Specialized cooperation based on your needs.
  • Integrated sales & support system.
  • Continuous information and training.
  • Marketing & promotional support.
  • A sense of security and excellence for the partner and its customers.
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Expectations from our partners


ALUMINCO raises the standards, looking to the future but at the same time taking care of today, offering with passion and honesty and at the same time expecting from its partners.

From our cooperation we expect:

  • Safeguarding each side’s cooperation and principles.
  • Development of cooperation in the whole ALUMINCO product range.
  • Shared differentiation with passion and vision, in terms of thinking and results.
  • Effective market approach, through the common network, products, and promotion.
  • Close Synergy in the development and promotion of products & joint strategic actions.
  • Jointly claiming a leading market position in profitable and healthy growth.
  • Ensuring total satisfaction of end customer needs, with technologically upgraded products, properly installed and with full after-sales and installation support.