Every building, our home, should be much more than a property. It should offer a sense of well-being and the freedom to embrace our individuality. It should be a living organism. Filled with natural light and connect the inside with the outside environment. Provide thermal and acoustic comfort. Offer a healthy indoor climate and give us security. To be a sustainable solution for the future. To be ALUMINCO.

Aluminium systems of ALUMINCO  can combine many different designs, offer a high level of safety, high thermal and sound insulation and excellent durability. They have been studied in detail and are the best examples in their category, clearly demonstrating the position the company wants to establish in the new world order and the energy trends of the market.

Excellent quality and durability

ALUMINCO quality is a non-negotiable value for the company’s people. By constantly strengthening and upgrading our production capacity, investing in machinery and new technologies. With certifications from recognized institutes and international organizations. With products that stand the test of time and act as a magnet for most users. With projects that capture even the most demanding eyes.

Aluminium systems offer doors and windows with high robustness and therefore increased safety and durability. Aluminium is a highly durable metal that can remain unchanged for many decades. It exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion and requires minimal maintenance

Moreover, as a material it is capable of multiple treatments, fully preserving its characteristics. Thus, the surface painting and anodizing treatments that are usually applied to aluminium profiles shield the frame and protect it from corrosion

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High Thermal & Sound Insulation

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Thermal and sound insulation are top criteria in the selection of aluminium frames because they upgrade buildings, improve the quality of life of the users and contribute to the protection of the environment.

  • Thermal transmittance defines how easily heat (measured in watts) passes through a material of a certain thickness and area of one square meter in one hour. It should be remembered that the flow of heat is always in the direction from the hottest to the coolest.
  • The annoyance caused by external noise degrades the quality of life and has a negative impact on health, living and communication. It is significant that the World Health Organization considers noise pollution to be the second most important environmental health risk. Sound insulation is an important factor in the choice of frames.

Minimal Design & Aesthetic Functionality

The phrase of the German American representative of the modernist architectural movement Miss Van de Rohe, “Less Is More”is nowadays a key design principle and is applied to achieve spaces that have a way to impress, activating the senses without much effort.

The main highlight of the house and the element that distinguishes its design are the glazed surfaces. The overall design philosophy of the Fielding House is derived from the traditional architecture of the mid-20th century, with clean lines and simple elements, all betting on functionality and ultimate comfort.

The clean, simple lines, the maximisation of the field of vision and thus natural lighting, the seamless transition between large windows and large sliding doors that make the interior environment “one” with the outside and enchanting the top aesthetics that focus on functionality and comfort, are reference points and contribute decisively to improving the quality of life of the users.

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Maximum Security

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The protection of a building from the intrusion of unwanted visitors is implemented by considering all the openings to the internal environment and applying to each of them the appropriate anti-burglary protection frame, depending on the risk of intrusion and the resistance it must demonstrate.

Entrance doors, windows, balcony doors represent the “weak points” of protection against burglars, even when closed and locked, due to their lower strength compared to the masonry of the building.

The aluminium frames are certified by internationally recognized organizations and meet the highest safety standards. They are evaluated with a six-tier system (RC1 to RC6 in increasing order of burglary resistance), describing the level of resistance to static and dynamic pressure, with different tools as well as manual burglary attempts.

Improved Air-Water-Wind Performance

European standards provide for the classification of aluminium systems into categories according to their performance in terms of air permeability, watertightness, and wind pressure resistance.

  • The thermal insulation properties of a frame are determined both by its ability to prevent the passage of hot or cold air through its joints and by its ability to prevent the spread of heat through the materials of which it is made.
  • Waterproofing or liquid proofing is the process by which a structure is made impermeable to water by the application of specific waterproofing materials.
  • Air sealing in aluminium systems is an important factor that affects thermal as well as sound insulation. In both cases, the glazing is a decisive factor. Another aspect related to the quality of the construction of the windows and affecting the climate of the house is wind resistance
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Energy Saving

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One of the main reasons why Greek buildings are highly energy-consuming is their age and the lack of integration of modern technology in them, due to the lack of relevant regulations in the last 30 years.

With the subsidized programs “Exoikonomo” you can finance the upgrade of your home, acquire ALUMINCO frames and improve its energy efficiency. Their excellent thermal insulation properties contribute to environmental friendliness and offer energy savings of up to 40% in winter – summer.

By replacing your old windows and doors with new thermal insulating systems, you improve the energy class of your building, increase its commercial value, and ensure energy identity, in accordance with the European Union directives.