The SL205 is a sliding lightweight system, distinguished by durability, functionality, components’ compatibility and ease of construction.

The exterior and interior design of the system, apart from aesthetics and functionality, offer an excellent water drainage, allowing the water to flow easily and fast to its way out. The robustness of the system is achieved by using an inox removable guide that allows extra durability and optimal sliding of the leaf while multiple point locks provide maximum safety.

A wide range of main and auxiliary profiles provide technical and aesthetic flexibility even in the most demanding constructions.

The main advantage of the SL205, like any integrated system, is the fact that it works perfectly well along with the opening system W400, offering numerous personalized options.

characteristics Slide – Lift and Slide System</BR>Super smart and slim

Features and Benefits

  • Robust and secure structures for small and medium openings
  • Variety of profiles in flat line for excellent aesthetic result.
  • Multiple application capabilities.
  • Possibility of multiple locks.
  • Possibility to use two-dimensional roller-guides (22 mm & 27 mm).
  • The chambers are capable to accept corners of all types ensuring a fast and functional result.
  • The greatest accessories, in terms of quality and durability, are applied to the system



  • EN 12207 Air Permeability
  • EN 12208 Water Tightness
  • EN 12210 Resistance to Wind Load



    • Sliding:

2 Sash sliding, 3 Sash sliding, 4 Sash double sliding, 6 Sash double sliding, 2 Sash sliding with insect screen

    • Pocket sliding:

1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/insect screen, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/shutter, 1 Sash – 2 Sash sliding glass/insect screen/shutter

    • Combinations:

2 Sash sliding SL205 with opening W400