The SH3300 is a glass louvre system, also known as “Jalousie”, offering optimal performance as far as ventilation and lighting are concerned, outstanding aesthetics, comfort and sun protection.

SH3300 ‘Jalousie’ system is ideal for tropical agglomerations where louvres fulfill a significant role in regulating indoor temperature. “Jalousie” type louvre windows allow maximum air circulation – when fully open, they allow twice as much air to circulate compared to traditional window designs. By maximising cool breezes and allowing cross-ventilation, the need for air conditioning in summer is significantly reduced, whereas in winter, louvre windows seal to keep warm air in.

SH3300 Jalousie windows allow maximum ventilating – when fully open, compared to traditional window designs, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning during summertime, perfectly sealing during wintertime, maintaining heat transmission, thanks to the high-quality gaskets. The system is equipped with top quality materials and accessories that minimize the need for maintenance, ensuring long-term high performance. Ultimate privacy can be achieved through the combination of glass and / or blind louvers, without affecting the air flow. The system’s windows are stylish, functional, energy-efficient and can be customized to suit different design requirements.

characteristics Glass Louvre System </br>Maximizing air circulation

Features and Benefits

  • Glass movable louvers 6 mm thickness with rotation centers of 120 mm or 145 mm.
  • Possibility of fixed glass on the top, can meet different heights.
  • Possibility of glass louvers or blind profile.
  • Perimeter water tightness assured by high quality seals.
  • Handled by a special cremone, which performs motion 0°- 90°- 180° and fins respectively 0°- 45°- 90°.
  • Mounting capability of supporting frame profiles at the top and bottom of the structure.
  • Mounted independently or in collaboration with opening – sliding frames.
  • Perimeter accepts joint covers for improved aesthetics.



  • EN 12208 Water Tightness CLASS 2A



  • Opening louver,
  • Opening louver with fixed,
  • Opening louver with casement W400 / W540
  • Opening louver with sliding SL20 / SL320